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Posted on 19th October, 2017


Could you Volunteer?

We asked our volunteers why they volunteer and commit their time to the Scheme.   Some of our younger volunteers have developed valuable skills which have enabled them to find paid employment. It increased their self-confidence, improved their customer service skills, enabled them to gain a work based reference and add the skills gained to their CV whilst in a supportive and caring environment.

Our volunteers are all ages and come from all walks of life, some have seen the Scheme grow and develop into what it is today, whilst others are new to the Scheme or the area.   Volunteers whose family have grown and no longer need the same level of care have found volunteering at the Scheme particularly beneficial as it gave them a new focus and purpose in life.  Volunteers who are recently retired admitted that initially that they started volunteering for personal reasons to keep using their skills, meet new friends, develop new interests and give back to the community.  All our volunteers said that they gained in self-confidence and found real satisfaction in helping people from their own community. Everyone said they enjoyed volunteering and wished to carry on for as long as they were able to as age is no barrier.  No direct experience is necessary as we offer full training and travel expenses are paid.

We are a small but supportive and friendly team and will always offer help and assistance to new volunteers.

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