Introduction to the scheme

Posted on 31st January, 2017

Stevenage Furniture Recycling Scheme registered Charity 1058584, is a local service open to all residents of Stevenage. 

Customers on a proven low income can access furniture and large electrical items at an affordable ‘handling charge’ which includes delivery, or without charge where proven necessary.


Customers not on a low income, general public, can also buy but at a higher price.


Number of individuals supported each year – around 5000

Tonnage of items redistributed each year – 65 to 70tonnes

Number of items redistributed each year – around 2500

Number of households collected from each year – around 1200

New customers on benefits registering each year – 300 to 350


The Object of Scheme is to provide legally compliant, good quality affordable furniture and large electrical items to residents of Stevenage who are on a proven low income or in conditions of need.

Donors tell us – It’s too good to go to landfill - I would rather help someone who needs it.

Downsizing means we can’t take all our furniture and we know that the Scheme helps people who don’t have any.

Our furniture won’t fit in the new house and we want to put it good use.

Customers say – When I had nothing this Scheme enabled me to get all the furniture I needed for my home.  Now that I can afford to replace my furniture I want to help others.

I had to downsize.  Everything I have in my new place came from here and I am so happy with it all.

It wouldn’t be possible to have the right furniture for our needs without this Scheme.

It’s so much better than I expected - I don’t know what I’d do without this place.

The staff work for the Scheme and volunteers give their time because they know that they are making a positive difference to people’s lives.

Valued for 30 years but to continue the service the Scheme needs volunteers for day to day operations, including those with professional skills, for all aspects of the work involved.  Please contact the Scheme via email:  or phone 01438 362900 for more information.  Thank you. 

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This is a fantastic scheme and is fully supported by many people that I have spoken to.
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