Stevenage Furniture Recycling Scheme is a local non-profit registered charity (Charity No: 1058584)  that aims to make a positive difference to your community. For further information about the scheme click here.


All of our furniture is donated from members of the local community in order to help others .By donating your  furniture which you no longer need but is still in good condition will  have a direct impact on people in the local community. We collect Monday - Saturday in Stevenage and in the immediate surrounding area . For further information about donations click here.


"Your donations directly impact the lives of others". Find out how your donations can change the lives of others - blog.








The Scheme would like to say a HUGE Thank you to all the Members of the Coop in Broadwater. This will be used to increase access to all residents of Stevenage by allowing us to display our stock on a facebook page and other social media.


Our scheme relies heavily on the help and support of volunteers in both in the scheme and  on the van.  Our volunteers are invaluable to the sucess of the scheme. For further information about volunteering click here.


Please visit us on facebook to view examples of our current stock.



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