2-4 Willows Link, Broadwater, Stevenage                                                                           01438 362900






Stevenage Furniture Recycling Scheme is a local non-profit registered charity (Charity No: 1058584)  that aims to make a positive difference to your community.


We serve all of Stevenage residents by providing affordable good quality items of furniture and large electrical goods. We collect from Stevenage and the immediate surrounding area, donations of good quality furniture and electrical items. These donations are re distriubted via a handling charge to members of the local community who are on a proven low income, in conditions of need or are in difficult circumstamces.  


Your donations make a positive impact on helping your community.

In the last year, with the help of  your donations we have supported 5,000 individuals, with  over 2,ooo items redistriubted  and saved over 66 tonnes of good quality items  from landfill.



Members of the public can also buy from the scheme at a reasonable second hand price and this contributes to the sucess of the scheme.

We also rely on the help and support of volunteers. Please contact us if you can help.

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